And the internet collectively thanks MCR for the venom...

  • Brian Schechter (their original manager): An awesome era ended today. Congrats to all and good luck in the future in all you do.
  • Funny thing is this. That band will live forever. It gave a culture hope. It gave an industry hope. It gave lost souls hope. Then delivered.
  • Also, that was the first band that ever took a chance on me. So, all things being equal, I tip my hat to them.
  • #longlivetheblackparade
  • Jeff Watson (their web guy at Warner): RIP MCR They literally changed my life professionally & personally. We'll carry on...
  • @Frank I remember in Japan when a Bouncing Soul told me about you, "That kid's all heart." 200% truth.
  • @Brian Schecter I literally owe you my life. You know why. MCR actually saves lives.
  • Jared Leto (30 Seconds To Mars): Sorry to hear #MCR broke up. I hope the band + the #killjoys / #MCRmy are all doing ok. Our hearts go out to those who are sad. XO
  • Jack Barakat (All Time Low): Truly a bummer that we didn’t get close to the my chemical romance dudes until recently. We really hit it off with some of them.
  • Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low): Couldn't have said it any better! (than Jack) MCR will be missed.
  • Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides): Always had a deep respect for what MCR represented. Thanks for fighting the good fight & giving people hope through your music fellas
  • Mark Hoppus (blink-182): Sucks that MCR broke up. It was my fault, and I'm sorry.
  • Kimya Dawson: I wanna dig out my old bunny suit and line up all the sad My Chemical Romance fans and give them hugs and jellybeans. #TisTheSeason
  • James Davies (The Blackout): MCR were one of the nicest, most accommodating and, above all, best bands we've ever toured with. Wish them all the very best in the future.
  • LostAlone: Lucky enough to share the stage, work with & call these guys friends. They leave a perfect musical legacy for us all to enjoy #mcr
  • Steven Battelle (LostAlone): This tour made us a better band and introduced us to some amazing fans #mcr
  • Alan Williamson (LostAlone): What's everyone's thoughts on the MCR split? One of the greatest bands I've ever toured with.
  • Lynz Way (some band): In 2002 I saw MCR for the first time. I remember feeling privileged- like I had just witnessed something important and special. It was chaos and magic. It was sincere and inspiring. I never lost that feeling. Every show after felt like a blessing. As a fan of MCR my heart is broken but i understand. I know what it feels like to want to break your orbit and float like a satellite, wild in space, running the risk of disintegration. The desire to take your life into your own hands and hurl it at the stars...
  • I understand the need for change and the desire to begin again. The journey is always the best part. Though I will deeply miss MCR I have never met more talented and incredible people and more than anything I'm excited for what @gerardway @mikeyway @FrankIero @raytoro do next.
  • I know it's going to be amazing because they are each amazing. The future starts right now. A new adventure is about to take place and I for one will be on that ride! Who's coming with me?